The 2018 April Hamfest at DeVry

Sixty-Four vendors/tailgaters set up shop at the 2018 April Hamfest at DeVry. The weather was beautiful - not too hot and not too cool. Attendance was very good with nearly 300 people passing through the gate. Coffee, donuts, sodas, and water were available and proved to be quite popular. Almost every donut found its way into the hands of the hungry visitors and gallons of coffee was poured for the thirsty crowd. Soda and water became popular when the sun began heating up. The VE test session resulted in one new Amateur Radio Operator (Technician Class) being added to the ranks and three hams upgrading to Extra Class. Congratulations to all!

The 2018 April Hamfest at DeVry was a success and fun was had by all.

DeVry Hamfest Volunteers
Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible.

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Pictures by Chris, N7PVL